Described as the ultimate city to live in by various lifestyle enthusiasts and travel guides, Vancouver, has earned numerous accolades as one of the world’s best cities to live in. Placed amid beautiful ranges of snowy mountains, lush rain forests and distinct clear water on three sides makes Vancouver City the best place to own your own dream Home!

Vancouver been the largest city in the province of British Columbia & the third largest city in Canada is home to over 2.6 million residents and is very well known for its relaxed atmosphere and scenic beauties. The city is also renowned for preserving its natural beauty within the metropolis. It has all the urban amenities of a major city; well connected roads, clear tap water, pollution free surroundings, acclaimed colleges & schools, parks and multi-functional hospitals.

Besides serving as an happening place for cycling, boating, hiking & skiing, Vancouver was also the Host City to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2010.

Vancouver’s Real estate

Today, Vancouver is one of the most densely populated cities in North America due to its urban planning which has primarily focused on high-rise residential and mixed-use development as opposed to urban sprawl. Vancouver’s urban planning practice originated in the late 1950s and is known in the planning world as Vancouverism.

Vancouverism relies on careful planning and preservation of its finances to ensure that it remains one of the world’s most livable cities. Moreover, due to the city’s close proximity to mountains and surrounding water resources the Real estate market of Vancouver is largely limited and therefore, it is one of the reasons why Vancouver has emerged as an expensive city compared to other cities in terms of housing prices.

The soaring prices came to light after a few dwelling properties hit sky high deals, transcending global housing market prices. So, if you’re one of those who is selling property in Vancouver then perhaps, it is now the best time to get that desired deal as you might have built some excellent equity.

For buyers, the market as usual remains volatile. Sometimes it shows signs of capital influx and sometimes deficit but, whatever the conditions are, it is up to you to decide whether to buy a property at a particular time of the year. If funds are of any issue, try mortgage calculators to determine how much you can borrow. Further, if you’re unsure of the neighborhood then perhaps a Vancouver Realtor®/Vancouver real estate agent might be the best person to help you find a suitable location. You may also browse through some Vancouver real estate listings to get an idea about the rates and locality.

Get that contacts right!

Searching for your Sweet home? Try establishing contacts with Vancouver real estate agents who specialize in the kind of housing you’re looking for. They are in abundance and survive in healthy competitive market. So, think before you invest and say YES!

For sellers, it is highly advised to observe the market closely and track past few months property deals in your neighborhood before deciding on your home’s value. You should also think on who should you engage with, probably Vancouver real estate agents ! and then start scouting for prospective buyers.

Irrespective of you been a seller or a buyer, keep your objectives clear about the property and your end goal. Involve with someone who has the knowledge and understanding about market inclination and thus, guides you accordingly.

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