Investment in Real Estate certainly gives Higher Returns!


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Everybody thinks of a great and grand life. However, a few people can lead and live it. There is a simple reason behind it. The smart people invest wisely and timely. Therefore, they become richer without any hurdle. You can become wealthier as here is a chance for you as well, by investing in Vancouver Real Estate.

It is truly said, “Time and tide wait for none”. So, it is the right time for you to invest in Vancouver. Why would one want to invest in Vancouver Real Estate? There are strong reasons. One of them is Vancouver is the best city to live in and it has given highest returns in real estate. You can easily find a property for sale in Vancouver like single homes, condos, lofts and luxurious real estate.

Even during the recession period, Vancouver Realtors have done great business because of its high amenity property and modern construction style of the realty. Also, it is one of the best cities in the world where people choose to retire. People always love to invest where they find peace-of-mind along with better business opportunities. That is why majority of the elite class has started investing in Vancouver.

Being a top Vancouver real estate agent, we help our esteemed customers purchase the most lucrative and elegant property so that they can enjoy living. Once they wish to sell, they will benefit from higher profits on their investment. Whether you wish to buy simple homes, townhouses or any other property in the West Vancouver, we are one of the trusted professionals who assist in every manner to have you your dream home in your selected areas.

Just look at Vancouver real estate listings and let us know, being a licensed property Realtor® , for many years we have never let a single stone unturned in buying our customers desired property with most competitive rates. We are well acquainted with every nook and cranny of many areas of the city and therefore will confidently assist you into purchase a property that suits your needs. We understand that buying any property isn’t for everyone, but as per our clients’ interest and needs, we provide unique and lavish properties, matching their requirement. For example, if you are looking for starter homes, then our team won’t confuse you showing mismatching realty and waste your precious time.

We only concentrate on our clients’ areas of interest and provide them best of the best property options that undoubtedly gives them higher returns in near future. Being a veteran property agent, Vancouver Realtor® has helped thousands of clients buying their desired property in the city and today they are happily living with their friends and family.

If you are willing to purchase lavish homes or condos, then do not waste a single second because this is the prime time to buy a property in Vancouver at affordable rates. Consult with an experienced agent who can help you with your long lasting investment.

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What’s your property worth?

Deadline to appeal BC Assessment is

February 2, 2015
Property owners who disagree with their assessment should do homework by:
comparing their assessment with neighbouring properties; and
contacting BCA at 1-866-valueBC (1-866-825-8322) and talking to staff who can make adjustments if there is an obvious error, for example if BCA included a complete renovation, when it was merely a spruce-up.

Property owners who decide to appeal their property assessment must complete a Notice of Complaint (Appeal) form available on Under the For Public menu option, select Notice of Complaint (Appeal) Process or go directly to
The deadline to file the appeal is February 2, 2015.
Each year less than 1% of BC property owners appeal their assessment.
Note: you can’t appeal your taxes, you can only appeal your assessment.
For information about BC Assessment and to access e-valueBC visit: or phone 1-866-valueBC (1-866–825–8322).


What’s Ahead for Housing in 2015?


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1. The unexpected benefit of rising interest rates for buyers.
2. Sales activity will increase.
3. Home construction may slow down.

THREE Reasons to Learn More About the Local Real Estate Market:

1. You want to know how much your home is worth.

While home improvements can increase the value of your home, it’s ultimately the local market that dictates how much it’s worth.

2. You’re thinking of selling.

The market is constantly changing. An accurate picture of the current market can help you assess whether this is an ideal time for you to sell your home.

3. You’re thinking of buying.

Statistics about the local market and how much homes are selling for in your desired neighbourhood can give you an idea of how much you’ll spend to live in the home of your dreams.

Call me to learn more about our local market, to receive a free estimate of your home’s value and for any real estate questions you may have. 

Step by steps to sell your home


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The Vancouver real estate is the second highest in the world and properties here are mighty with an average cost of a house running in over a million. And if you happen to be selling property in Vancouver then looking at the current market drift, you can easily cash in a huge amount for your property.

Selling your home can be very emotional as well as painful. But, you can tackle that with these baby steps to ensure that you have a memorable and happy adieu.

1) Estimate the time when you would like to sell. Maybe this winter or in the summer! Deciding the time will help you to make proper arrangements before you enter the market like repairs or furniture works. Moreover, you will an idea what the future market will have to offer you as to now.

2) Get the right person. For realtors, selling home in Vancouver is altogether a different ball game than other cities and town. Like said, the prices here are staggering, and a small, less thoughtful decision can strip you off your deserved value. So why take the chances? Get an outstanding Vancouver Realtor® to do the job!

3) Define the terms. It is recommended that you sign an agreement at the earliest possibility to ensure that you have a concrete arrangement to ward off undesirable encounters with the right agent. Get the commission percentage right and primarily check for clauses related to MLS

4) Who decides the value? Allow your agent demonstrates: a comprehensive market analysis

5) Looks matter! Now that you know what could be an appropriate offer, take some pain to revamp the base, floors, wash area, balcony, kitchen and the lawn. Your chance to advance the negotiation in your way is to throw a statement that talk about the condition of your house; it could be used every time they pitch low.

6) Make your property unconditional of obligations. Take care of your mortgage and other commitments that fall in line with your finances before you agree to any offers. Check for any applicable taxes and confirm the same with your lawyer whilst communicating the latest developments.

7) It’s time to accept, reject or save for later moment. Offers will abound more than you’ve expected because you’re selling home in Vancouver. Confusion and stress will find its way as you are left with a decision that can impact your future. Though you will have support of a Vancouver real estate agent in decision making, you might like to use the save for later option often.

8) It’s a done deal. Fulfill all the necessary commitments on your part that is mentioned in the agreement. Consult your lawyer and the Realtor® for any necessary future actions. Sign the final agreement in the presence of all confirming a deal and collect the cheque.

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A Vital Guide to Real Estate


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If a city has to be judged by its landscape and architecture, it is Vancouver that tops the list. Here the neighborhoods are unlike each other in stature, diverseness and settings, filled with absolute fun and enthusiasm. Vancouver City which is often referred to as the Emerald City, is one of the most amazing and vibrant places in the world.

In the recent years, the city has witnessed a great inclination towards luxurious and extravagant living. Buying Home in Vancouver has now become dearer and if you’re planning to purchase one then you’ll have to go through a lot of tough decisions. You’ll face a lot of challenges like the price range, the size of your home, facilities and the neighborhood- which is of utmost importance. And determining on all the key factors is not going to be easy and will need time and patience.

Likewise, selling a Home in Vancouver or selling Property in Vancouver can be challenging. Before you put your house on the market, it is essential that you verify the value of your property and discuss with a Realtor® for accurate evaluation. Make sure that it is not valued too high or too low but in accordance to the market rates.  Talking to a Realtor® would actually resolve most of your concerns as they are well aware of the market trends and closely follow various reactions affecting real estate. They are the best resource to reach out to the target audience; they have valuable clientele, prospective buyers & sellers and can help you to get the right deal within a shorter period. Anyhow, they always prove to be better than finding on your own or placing bills like ‘Property on sale’.

It is estimated that out of 10 buyers, 4-5 will actually do their own research on the net before coming to a Realtor®, and that too only after their research has hit a roadblock. People often take help of real estate listings as these listings do provide important information on some of the available properties in the market. However, how reliable are this information totally depends on the source and site. Moreover, authenticity of such listings cannot be confirmed.

If you are Selling Property in Vancouver or buying home in Vancouver, it is valuable for you to have necessary information about the neighborhood. Discussing options with a few Realtors® might turn to your advantage as it reaps more results than an individual agent can produce. However, you may run with a risk of losing time and money both at the same time with different feedbacks from each of them; confusing you big time.

Some tips to help you find a Property in Vancouver:

  • While selling property in Vancouver, try to obtain suggestions and recommendations from friends and family. Same applies to those who are Buying Home in Vancouver.
  • Look for agents with proven track records; has vast experience in selling homes in Vancouver.
  • Discuss options with them, seek for help and then choose the right guy upon their approach.
  • Find the Realtor® who is not only familiar with properties for sale in Vancouver but also familiar in your selective neighbourhood’s.
  • Explore other practical options like real estate magazines and newspapers. Call the one who is most talked about.
  • Search ‘Property for sale in Vancouver’ on the net and you’ll get a dozen of real estate listing in Vancouver. Follow up on each of the listings to see if get hold on any of them.
  • Choose a Realtor® carefully. Make sure you’re comfortable with him and you’ve sensed that his intentions are true- to find you your desired house.
  • Check his knowledge about the real estate market. Ask him a few questions and see if he is genuinely trying to answer.

By considering all these tips at the time of buying and selling, you’re helping yourself to find the right solution instead of worrying all about the process.

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Own Your Dream Home in Vancouver!

Described as the ultimate city to live in by various lifestyle enthusiasts and travel guides, Vancouver, has earned numerous accolades as one of the world’s best cities to live in. Placed amid beautiful ranges of snowy mountains, lush rain forests and distinct clear water on three sides makes Vancouver City the best place to own your own dream Home!

Vancouver been the largest city in the province of British Columbia & the third largest city in Canada is home to over 2.6 million residents and is very well known for its relaxed atmosphere and scenic beauties. The city is also renowned for preserving its natural beauty within the metropolis. It has all the urban amenities of a major city; well connected roads, clear tap water, pollution free surroundings, acclaimed colleges & schools, parks and multi-functional hospitals.

Besides serving as an happening place for cycling, boating, hiking & skiing, Vancouver was also the Host City to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2010.

Vancouver’s Real estate

Today, Vancouver is one of the most densely populated cities in North America due to its urban planning which has primarily focused on high-rise residential and mixed-use development as opposed to urban sprawl. Vancouver’s urban planning practice originated in the late 1950s and is known in the planning world as Vancouverism.

Vancouverism relies on careful planning and preservation of its finances to ensure that it remains one of the world’s most livable cities. Moreover, due to the city’s close proximity to mountains and surrounding water resources the Real estate market of Vancouver is largely limited and therefore, it is one of the reasons why Vancouver has emerged as an expensive city compared to other cities in terms of housing prices.

The soaring prices came to light after a few dwelling properties hit sky high deals, transcending global housing market prices. So, if you’re one of those who is selling property in Vancouver then perhaps, it is now the best time to get that desired deal as you might have built some excellent equity.

For buyers, the market as usual remains volatile. Sometimes it shows signs of capital influx and sometimes deficit but, whatever the conditions are, it is up to you to decide whether to buy a property at a particular time of the year. If funds are of any issue, try mortgage calculators to determine how much you can borrow. Further, if you’re unsure of the neighborhood then perhaps a Vancouver Realtor®/Vancouver real estate agent might be the best person to help you find a suitable location. You may also browse through some Vancouver real estate listings to get an idea about the rates and locality.

Get that contacts right!

Searching for your Sweet home? Try establishing contacts with Vancouver real estate agents who specialize in the kind of housing you’re looking for. They are in abundance and survive in healthy competitive market. So, think before you invest and say YES!

For sellers, it is highly advised to observe the market closely and track past few months property deals in your neighborhood before deciding on your home’s value. You should also think on who should you engage with, probably Vancouver real estate agents ! and then start scouting for prospective buyers.

Irrespective of you been a seller or a buyer, keep your objectives clear about the property and your end goal. Involve with someone who has the knowledge and understanding about market inclination and thus, guides you accordingly.

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